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                    Hebi MinSheng Science

                    Company introduction

                      Hebi MinSheng Science & Technology Development Corporation Limited is a high-tech enterprise certificated by Henan Provincial Science and Technology committee, which is ran by local people. Since advent in 1992, the company has been dedicating especially in developing and manufacturing products like instrumentation, electromechanical integration, and medical equipment. Time after time, the company has successively undertaken research and development for several enterprises. The products include instruments and meters, electronic control system of PLC frequency control in straight line wire drawing machine. All the products attain excellent social and economic benefit. Of them, the induction tension testing device for straight line wire drawing machine has received national patent.

                    The company possesses of a group of talented personnel specialized in software, hardware, mechanical or chemical engineering. Relying on advanced and complete testing equipments and devices, the company ensure its products in stable properties, reliability, delicate and standardized technique. Hence, its products are extensively used in wide-ranging industries like coal, highway, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and so on. Moreover, its products are greatly praised by mass customers. 

                    All for customer and quality assurance are Minsheng's mission

                    For further information, please call 011-86-392-3313798   

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